The Dailey Experience

Looking for a podcast that covers Gaming, Television, Movies and Sports.  In depth details of all the hottest game news, gaming reviews, movie reviews and previews.  We will also give the latest sports news.  Are you ready to get The Dailey Experience.  Can’t wait for the podcast.  the blogs will be updated through the week to keep you current on your news.  WE WANT your feedback.  Trust me. We are looking for guests.  if you want to appear on the show send us an email

About the site:

Entertainment the Way it Should Be Reported

Name: Adam Dailey

Location: Midwest

Occupation: Student and up and coming film maker

Favorite Game: Sly cooper series

Favorite Film: A Clockwork Orange

Favorite Sports team: reds



Name: Ryan Daiely

Location: Midwest

Occupation: Student and sports junkie

Favorite Game: NBA 2k13

Favorite Film: Toy story 3

Favorite Sports team: reds


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